Basic show commands in Cisco ASA

Below are few of the show commands that you need to know in order to manage or troubleshoot the firewall related issues.

  1. Show version: To check the version of the code that you are running on firewall.
  2. show int ip brief: To check all the firewall interfaces , their IP address and the status (up/down). Please note the command is different in Cisco switches and routers which is “show ip int brief”.
  3. show nameif: To check the interfaces and their associated names
  4. show arp: To check the arp table. The command in Cisco switches and routers is “show ip arp”.
  5. show route: To check the routing table. The command in Cisco switches and routers is “show ip route”.
  6. show logging: To check the logs in firewall.
  7. show run access-list : To check all the access-lists configured in Firewall
  8. show run access-group: To check interfaces where the ACLs are applied and in direction (inbound/outbound)
  9. show acceess-list: To check all the access-lists with the hits for each access-list entries
  10. show run nat: To check the NAT configuration of firewall
  11. show xlate: To check the live NAT translation table
  12. show run object-group: To check all the object-groups configured on Firewall.
  13. show run object: To check all the objects configured on the firewall.
  14. show connection: To check the stateful-connection table
  15.  Show failover: To check the failover ststus of the HA pair.

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