Cisco ASA basic configuration

We can configure an ASA either from CLI or GUI. Below are some basic  configuration that we need to do when we set up a new ASA.  Most of the commands in ASA are similar to the Cisco routers.

Accessing a brand new ASA

To access a new ASA, you need to connect ASA with a console cable to your Computer.  Once the ASA reboots, it will take you directly to user exec mode as below.


In order to enter into enable mode or privilege exec mode, type the command “enable” , and hit enter when it asks for password as there is no password set by default.


Password:   <There is no password set, so hit enter>


Configuring the hostname

ciscoasa(config)#hostname ASA1


Configuring the local accounts and passwords

ciscoasa(config)#username <put the username> password <put the password>

ciscoasa(config)#Password <put the password>

ciscoasa(config)#enable password <put the password>

Configuring the domain name

ciscoasa(config)# domain-name <put the domain name here>



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